Announcing the launch of Contribute LLC

Announcing the launch of Contribute LLC

Announcing the Launch of Contribute LLC, An Independent Communication Skills Consultancy Firm Built Around Founder’s 20 Years of Industry Experience

November 17, 2021 – Contribute LLC, a New York-based professional communication skills consultancy, officially opened for business this week and began welcoming new clients last month.

Contribute helps professionals contribute greater value through powerful communication. Contribute’s founder, Christine Healey de Casanova, is a highly experienced communications consultant.  She has spent the past 20 years working with senior business leaders across industries and across the world.

Contribute opens its doors with a number of clients already on board. On October 7 and 8, Contribute led its first in-person training session at the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel in Rhode Island. Contribute change facilitators coached a group of 14 business leaders as they improved key people development skills. On November 19, Ms. Healey de Casanova began a virtual series for a client at a leading London-based insurance company. Contribute’s Q1 2022 calendar is filling up quickly.

Ms. Healey de Casanova is excited to return to coaching after a year of reflection, study, and quality time with her husband and daughters in the garden and on the waves. “Contribute is a nimble, creative, client-first firm. I’m thrilled to be back helping people contribute in meaningful ways.  I’m also humbled by the response we’ve already received from clients even before we officially launched. The ‘new normal’ of the past two years has made it clearer than ever that business leaders need to be strong communicators in a variety of settings, across a variety of mediums, in groups both large and small. Organizations that embrace communications training and best practices are creating a competitive advantage for years to come.”

Contribute change facilitators train and coach professionals to contribute greater value through powerful communication. Leveraging their 20+ years of experience and global network of partners, Contribute delivers results through experiential learning and candid feedback. Ms. Healey de Casanova adds that she and her team of change facilitators are “committed to leveling the playing field and making room for more confident communicators, active listeners, and empathetic leaders worldwide.”

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